Sadistic Love -Run- : Prologue

Sadistic Love Poster

You ran through the labyrinth of roads, searching for a way out. Raindrops fell harshly onto you, weighing you down and blocking your visions. However, you couldn’t effort to slow down. It’s a matter of life and death.
    “Curse these clothes!” you said, trying to tear off your lower half of your uniform’s skirt to make you able to run faster. But you’re in such panic and it had made you unable to tear the clothes. You just helplessly tugged at it while running through the corners, trying to outrun your chaser. It was certainly a terrifying night out. With the dark surroundings and rain, it was almost impossible to make your way through the city.
Your ragged breath came out in small puffs of air from the coldness. You didn’t care about anything. Right now, your top priority was to make it out of this chase, ALIVE. You’re just relying on your instincts, running around the streets of London. You were rarely allowed to go out of the mansion. You could faintly hear the footsteps behind you, making your heart beat faster in panic. You quickly turned at the nearby corner only to stop dead in your tracks.
Your tears were overflowing now, the salty liquid mingling with the rain. Your knees wobbled from so much running, ready to give up on you anytime soon. Your eyes widened in dread as you saw what’s in front of you.
It’s a dead end.
Those footsteps echoed through the dark alley again, getting louder by the second. You ran towards the wall, desperately trying to become one with it. Your voice came out in strangled sobs. You turned around and faced the tall figure in fear.
The figure chuckled, holding your chin up with gloved fingers. A smooth, velvety chuckle escaped from their mouth, seeing your horrified expression.
    “Ah, [Name]… You are such a beautiful young maiden.. Such innocence and light…” they said, caressing your face gently but to you, it felt like sandpaper. You squinted your eyes shut while a whimper escaped from your mouth as he continued to stroke your face. Your body was badly trembling right now, you didn’t think you could even stand anymore as you leaned to the wall behind you for support while the rain kept pouring harshly onto you and your chaser.
    “Please, just let me go! I’ll never tell anyone about it! Please! Please, Zach…” you whispered, desperate to free yourself from him. He just chuckled. It almost seemed like he was actually enjoying seeing you in such state. Considering his mental condition, he was.
    “Zach.. You said you loved me, that you would always protect me. What happened to that, Zach?” you asked, crying at him. You felt betrayed. This was not the one you fell in love with. The one you truly loved had gone and in his body was a beast that held no compassion. Another whimper escaped you as tears trailed your face harshly. He just smirked.
    “But [Name]… It was before you know about our secret.. I really loved you, until now. So that’s why I’m giving you a less painful ending than the others. Isn’t it shows just how much I love you?” he said, his smile becoming more and more twisted. Your eyes widened in horror as you saw a cold metal glint in his coat.
    “No, Zach. No! Please, don’t do this to me! I’ll do whatever you want me to do! Just please, don’t do this! Zach!” you had became hysterical by now. He pulled a dagger out of his coat. It glinted coldly at you, making your knee tremble and you fell to the ground. You sat there, completely petrified by the glint of the dagger and the dangerous cold look in his eyes. Zach knelt down so he was at eyes level with you.
    “I love seeing you like this, [Name].. You look so sweet, innocent, vulnerable.. Just like a helpless little girl..” he cooed softly to you as you shook your head repeatedly in utter fear.
    “Zach.. I’m begging you..” you whispered, trying to gain his sympathy. But his face expression remained the same. The same twisted smile. The sound of the clock echoed through the city, even with the rain. It was midnight.
    “Now,now, [Name].. You’ve been naughty this night.. Now, shush and go to sleep..” Zach said, raising his dagger above your head. You panicked.
    “ZACH, NO!!” you shouted one last time before a scream left out your mouth for the last time, in perfect sync with the last sound of bell from the clock tower.
The rain didn’t slow down at all. In fact, it came down even heavier, creating puddles everywhere. Zach stood up, completely soaked. In front of him was a body in a puddle of thick, gooey red liquid. Zach held his bloodied dagger, licking sensually the red liquid on the blade while humming a tune softly to himself in amusement.
    “I always knew that your blood is sweet, [Name]…” he said with a chuckle. He knelt again, pulling out a single red rose from his pocket. The rose was oddly fresh in contrast to the fact that it had been kept in his pocket while he was chasing after you.
    “Now, you look really pretty with this rose on..” Zach whispered, pinning the red rose in your hair. He then kissed your cold lips before pulling away, smiling. You could only watch him as he smirked the same evil smile at you.
    “Sleep tight, [Name].” he whispered, walking away. You just sat there, your strength draining every second. You were stabbed painfully in the stomach, staining your white apron. Your left hand was pressed lightly against the wound, blood still oozing out. You were in an unimaginable pain. You sighed, your mind racing. Just what did you do to deserve this?
Oh, you thought, it all started when…

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